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 High Tensile Steel Wire for Hose Reinforcement

Brass coated steel wire for rubber hose reinforcement;
Annual output reached 20000 tons;
Awarded ISO9001: 2008 certificate..

Hose wire is also called steel wire for hose reinforcement, brass-plated steel wire, rubber tube wire, or brass rubber tube wire.It is used as the reinforcement layer of the rubber hose.These high-pressure rubber hoses could sustain high pressure and high impact, and they can be used for machinery, aviation, ocean, oil drilling and some other special occasions. The hose reinforcement steel wire is carried out in line with GB/T 11182-2006 Standard,also can be manufactured according to DIN, ASTM, JIS and so on.Other specifications according to customers' requirements are also available.
The surface of steel wire for hose reinforcement is plated a layer of uniform copper zinc alloy.The ratio of copper to zinc is 68±4%:32±4%.The torsion value is more than 60 times, and knotting strength is more than 58%. The weight of brass coating is heavier than 3.0g/kg. The steel wire has good line shape, the nature winding diameter is no less than 120mm, and the wire cutting warp(to the coil section) is no more than 50mm.The ellipticity of steel wire is not more than half of the diameter tolerance.The elongation of steel wire at breaking is not less than 2% ,which could be arranged by our customers.
The fixed-length of hose wire on each spool is about 50000 meters,the net weight of hose wire on each BP60 spool is about 27.74 kgs.Each spool of hose wire is packed with water-proof paper,12 spools on a floor;a piece of plastic clapboard placed beteen 2 floors,72 spools is packed in a plastic bag then in carton fixed on a pallet.Also packed as per customers' requirements.

The advantages of our technology
The main equipments: 3 sets of mechanical sheller and pre-drawing lines,5 sets of medium-drawing lines,1 set of heat treatment with water-quenching and brass plating line,116 sets of wet-drawing machines. There are several properties as below:
A.) Pre-drawing machines with straight type, drived by variable frequency AC motor with PLC controlled, wet-drawing machine drived by variable frequency AC motor with PLC controlled.
B.) Visible flame of natural gas heating and water quenching austenite used in high-performance heat treatment (The industrial electric card-heating austenitizing and lead bath quenching is mostly being used currently), water quenching without lead pollution, so we could produce the steel wire with stable and reliable mechanical properties.
C.) Ultra-audio heating used in thermal diffusing brass (Currently the electric card heating technology is mostly used in thermal diffusing brass), uniform heating temperature and without bringing about sparks , steel strength lowly lossed, brass layer with excellent performance could be plated.

The advantages of our products
First, the diameter of steel wire:The tolerance by national standard(GB/T 11182-2006) is ± 0.010mm, but the diameter tolerance that our company controlled can be ±0.005mm,which makes steel wire to be more uniform and stable, so as to improve the quality of our customers pruducts.
Second, The tensile strength of steel wire: Applying advanced equipment and exquisite technology, our company can produce the hose steel wire with tensile strength could be reached 2750Mpa and 3050Mpa.This technology is the first-class invention in domestic. Especially in the advantage of the strength tolerance, the tolerance of each steel wire by national standard is 300 Mpa,but the strength tolerance of steel wire produced by our company could be controlled within 50 Mpa,which makes our customers rubber hose to sustain higher pressure and stronger pulse impact.
Third, the advantage is fixed-length: The fixed-length of the steel wire that other manufacturers produced can not be consistent,this could lead 3-5% steel wire of each spool disable to use, while the fixed-length of all spools of steel wire that our company produced is consistent,this can enable our customers to use each spool entirely , thereby to reduce the cost of our customers products and increase the economic benefit of our customers.



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